Classic Butterfly Safety Blade Razor Set
Classic Butterfly Safety Blade Razor Set

Classic Butterfly Safety Blade Razor Set

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* 100% Pure Badger Hair shaving brush, each hair knot was selected and custom made, with classical and retro design handle, to be a superior shaving brush, soft and comfortable while applying this brush on your face and make your grooming experience to be the best traditional shaving ever
* Brand new and high quality stainless steel shaving bowl with lid, keeps your shaving soap fresh all the time, perfect for the man who appreciates the finer things in life
* Excellent butterfly open design, and easy blade load and unload Safety razor, which only need to twist the handle,the razor head is then open, so the blade can go inside, Packed in a blue plastic case which for storage or transport give full protection to your razor.
* High quality razor holder made from pure leather,fashion and durable, great for travel use or provide general protection for your safety razor
Safety Butterfly  Razor
Model: WEISHI 9306-C
Color: Black Pearl(as shown in FIG)
Material: Deluxe Chrome + Copper Alloy
Net weight(only the razor):~56g
Size:~3 1/2 inch(~10cm)

Shaving brush
Material: Pure Badger Hair
Net Weight:~78.1g
Total Length:~4.5 inch
Width(brush stand dia.):~1 inch
Handle: Faux Agate and Metal handle

Shaving bowl
Height:~6cm / 2.36"
Dia.:~11cm / 4.33"
Inside dia.:~9cm / 3.54"
Material: stainless steel
Net weight:~163g

Razor pouch
Material: Leather
Color: Brown
Size:~5*10.5 cm / (1.96*4.13 Inch)
Handle: approx. 3.0 inch length, please pay attention!!
Net Weight:~18g / pcs

Razor blades(GIFT)
Material:Stainless Steel
Model:Cloud DD74-10
Net Weight:~1g / pcs
Package include:1SET
1x Safety razor
1x Shaving brush
1x Shaving bowl
1x Razor pouch
10x Razor blades(gift)